Agricultural greenhouse. Founded in 1988, Zanatta agricultural greenhouses, consolidated in the Brazilian market as a reference industry for agricultural greenhouses.

With 30 years of experience, the company currently has 6 units in Brazil, being our pole industrial unit, in Santo Antônio de Posse-SP, and 5 commercial units in Pacatuba-CE, Passo Fundo-RS, Goiâna-GO, Canavieiras-BA and Curitiba-PR.
The company works with the manufacture, design and installation of agricultural greenhouses with hot-dip galvanized structure, design and installation of irrigation and automation systems, manufacture of metal benches and tables and marketing of plastic films, agricultural fabrics and other equipment.
With a focus on the development of new technologies, it seeks to deliver projects and equipment for clients that facilitate the management of different cultures in protected environments. agricultural greenhouse


Agricultural greenhouse. Agricultural sector company specializing in greenhouse projects for intensive production of various cultures

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  • ZannaLeve: ZannaLeve Greenhouse, has an oblong arch structure
  • ZannaTrel: ZannaTrel greenhouse, it has an arch with a lattice format
  • Maxi Vent: MaxiVent greenhouse, has a wide top opening and excellent air circulation
  • ZannaShadow: ZannaShadow greenhouse, is popularly known as agricultural fabric
  • ZannaOpening: ZannaShadow Greenhouse, is popularly known as agricultural fabric
  • ZannaVenlo: Zannavenlo greenhouse has gabled coverage with the possibility of horizontal latticework, giving the possibility of greater working widths.
  • ZannaAcqua: ZannaAqua greenhouses are structures to cover tanks for aquaculture.In addition to greenhouses, Zanatta Greenhouses Agrícolas supplies several other types of accessories and systems so that your greenhouse can be more complete and facilitate its production even more.

Heating system

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The heating system is very important so that there is no low productivity in cold periods.

Shading System


Shading blankets are essential for light input control and energy savings. There are more than 80 types of fabric for the most varied applications. Shading can be:
  • External: filters the entrance of solar radiation. Very effective for reducing the luminosity and internal temperature of the greenhouse.
  • Internal: Provides the ideal level of light that the culture needs.
  • Dimming/Blackout: used to provide the proper photoperiod for the plant outside of its natural season.
  • Thermal heating: taking advantage of solar energy, it reduces the energy needed to be used for heating. In some cases, this reduction can even compensate for the installation of a heating system.

Cooling System

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For the cooling of an agricultural greenhouse, we work with PAD/FAN, systems with optimal cost/benefit capable of reducing the internal temperature of a greenhouse by up to 10° C or refrigeration units, recommended for the reduction of higher temperatures.

The extractors can be used independently or in conjunction with the PAD system. These have blades that close when they are not being used, so that they isolate the greenhouse from the outside, save energy in heating and do not allow the entry of undesirable insects and pests.

Blackout System


The darkening system, also known as BlackOut, is recommended for areas where the crop/plant needs better photoperiod control, the system allows the total closure of the greenhouse, with appropriate plastics to provide total darkening in the environment, and can be automatically activated.

Irrigation and ferti-irrigation systems for protected environments

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  • NebulizationIt helps in the relative humidity of the air and in the control of the temperature, providing a uniform humidity for the optimization of the space inside the greenhouse.
  • Micro SprinklerSystem that allows irrigating areas with a uniformity of up to 92%, in general the conduction of the water is carried out aerially, allowing full access to the greenhouses and screens without obstruction of tubes in the crop lines.
  • Drip irrigationSystem recommended for its low installation cost and because its main characteristic is the reduction of excessive water consumption in areas with low rainfall.
  • Watering barThe irrigation bar is a necessity when the matter is to give uniformity to the seedlings, they can be installed on rail bars or suspended through tubes. agricultural greenhouse



Zanatta has highly trained agricultural, civil and mechanical engineers, who enable technical coherence and observance of the best possible cost-benefit in the development of projects, encompassing precise dimensioning in terms of mechanical resistance and thermal load.

Process management

Zanatta is managed through a management system that continuously analyzes and improves the quality of each process used in the manufacture of its products and in the execution of each service for its client.


The agronomic and technical vision of Zanatta, added to the Know How of 30 years in the market, results in the flexibility to adapt the project to the needs of the crop and the client’s region.

Human development

We are committed to the people who act and engage daily with our business. We strive to seek the professionalization of our collaborators, promoting the continuous individual development and professional training of our teams, in addition to providing a pleasant work environment, thus contributing to the satisfaction of our professionals and consequently to the good performance of their activities. , which is essential for the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.


Zanatta has a commitment to quality and always looks for a long-term relationship with its customers, suppliers, collaborators and partners. agricultural greenhouse

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